by Washed Up Wings

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Apoptosis is the Washed up Wing’s second album to be released, featuring a multitude of styles and genres not heard in their first release. The multi-genre duo, now trio, features a new member, Evan Cartotto on percussion. Each song is a true musical journey. The album includes two hidden bonus tracks with purchase!


released May 30, 2015

Chris Diaz - Guitar, Keyboard/Samples, Vocals, Bass
(Lyrics and Mastering by Chris Diaz)
Evan Vakulich - Guitar
Evan Cartotto - Percussion




Washed Up Wings Los Angeles, California

Washed up Wings is a band started in North Hollywood, California. The current members consist of Chris Diaz on lead guitar/vocals/keyboard, Jonathan Cruz on percussion, and Brian "Icecream" Cisneros on the bass guitar.
Experimenting and dabbling into a multitude of musical genres, mainly progressive rock and Industrial.
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Track Name: Purgatory

I want to let it out
I want to watch myself go
But I'm stuck here
I want to wash it all away
I told myself I would one of these days
But I'm stuck in

I need a little alone time
To find out how to get close to people
I need a little fix
To break this bottle of emotions open

I'm stuck in Purgatory
Track Name: Old and Cold
Where are you now?
It seemed like yesterday you learned to make a friend
But it seems that you waited until the end
Now it's too late
Now it's too late
It's too late to make that change you wanted to
You're old and cold. Your years are wasted. They have gone by quicker than you thought they would.
You're old and cold. Your skin is wasting away, day by day, and it's all too late

You can only dream
Dream the world is different
Dream your old life away
And once you dream that dream
You're ready to be on your way

Dream away.
Track Name: Learning to Swim in the Desert
I don't think I can do it
Nothing says I can
I don't think I will do it
All I see is sand
I don't think I can do it
I don't think I can
It's void of water, void of wings
There's no further plan

Track Name: Black Water Hollywood
I don't care about your issues
I don't care about your life
I don't care about your morals
I only care if there is strife

We need a brand new star
We don't care who you are
You must be hollowed up inside
Today's the day your old life died

Black water Hollywood

We live we die we just replace
Say hello to Mister Falseface
Track Name: Stupid Juice
I really think it’s worth it
You fall down you get hurt you get back up again

But I’m a slave, to my stupid juice
But I’m a slave, to my own misuse

No more Mr. Falseface I swear it’s the last
Now shut up, and buy me another glass.
Track Name: Candle Lit Path
Travelling through this sweet nightmare that our
Mother Nature has laid down

Travelling through the deepest sorrows of those that
lost it all and buried it in the ground

Come on out and see, what they hid from me

Travelling through these cold, stories that I read
Road after road we run around

Travelling through my inner spirit for a clue
Mile and miles of just land and ground

Entry discouraged but, entry allowed
Feel the long lost ones, arise from the ground and
Feel the holy ones, chant around

Come on out and see
Just what’s been hid from you and me
Track Name: The Cold Casket
My mistakes have brought me
To my violent death
Now I sit here
Waiting for purgatory