by Washed Up Wings

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The more expressive, personal album from Chris Diaz's songwriting and lyrics. Experience a slightly different Washed Up Wings, still maintaining the aggressive, rhythmic style from before, but adding energy driven emotion to these personal songs.

And Mr Falseface is all but gone..


released March 22, 2016

Chris Diaz - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard, Mixing
Jonathan Cruz - Percussion
Elio Hercules - Bass Guitar




Washed Up Wings Los Angeles, California

Washed up Wings is a band started in North Hollywood, California. The current members consist of Chris Diaz on lead guitar/vocals/keyboard, Jonathan Cruz on percussion, and Brian "Icecream" Cisneros on the bass guitar.
Experimenting and dabbling into a multitude of musical genres, mainly progressive rock and Industrial.
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Track Name: Stability Blues
I feel stable
I feel stable once more
The tides have calmed
All because I mixed white with red, it was the thing I most dread
But now it's too late
It's too late
You killed it off and now it's tainted

I feel stable, I feel stable once more
Track Name: Driven to Solitude
You simply thought wrong
Life was just a dream
Now it's over, a recurring theme

Your sweet nightmare has just begun
Now it's time
Now it's time to dream

My name is not all lost
I have been driven to solitude
Track Name: The Face of Force
The face of force, never looked so grim (Until today)
The face of change, never felt so hard (to make)
Adapt or perish, change or be broken (I'm trying)
Track Name: Susurrus
After shadows invert
Only doing what is best
You can only be so selfless in this life

Whispering to do it now

One pain conceals the years to come

Get out of my sunlight, out of my sight

Get out of my sunlight away from me now


Get out of my sunlight, away from me now
Track Name: Slapstick
I walk around the stage
I bump into it all
I make a fool of my self
I still stand tall
Track Name: Reconstructed
My name is Mr Falseface
I was once a sad clown
Now I am reborn

Fill the forms as Lostface
No one saw it coming