Mr Falseface Fallacy

by Washed Up Wings

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Mr Falseface Fallacy is the third album created by Washed up Wings. Featuring more dark, heavy industrialized tones, mixed with many different styles and moods. The album follows the long decline of Mr Falseface, a drug addicted superstar clown past his prime, in constant denial that his years of the “superstar” life are catching up with him, leading to his inevitable fall.


released September 18, 2015

Chris Diaz - Lead Guitar, Bass, Synth/Keyboard, Samples, Vocals, Mastering
Evan Vakulich - Rhythm Guitar
Evan Cartotto - Percussion

Special Thanks:
Joshua Philpot (Repulsion)

Cody Howell
Derek Cope

Lyrics and Music by:
Chris Diaz




Washed Up Wings Los Angeles, California

Washed up Wings is a band started in North Hollywood, California. The current members consist of Chris Diaz on lead guitar/vocals/keyboard, Jonathan Cruz on percussion, and Brian "Icecream" Cisneros on the bass guitar.
Experimenting and dabbling into a multitude of musical genres, mainly progressive rock and Industrial.
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Track Name: Excuse
"This is Mr Falseface speaking
The world revolves around me"

I'm much too busy and important
Don't you have a better place to be
I'm a superstar
I've come very far
Now it's time for me to come back down

Coke, speed and weed
These are all the things that keep me happy
Until I wake up face down on the floor
Sober life is such a bore

"I hold the key to the throne
And no one can push me down"
Track Name: Late
I feel it in my head
These are the feelings I really dread
I don't feel free, I don't like, what's inside of me

I can do it, I can do it I know
Who said that fame was my foe
I, Mister False Face
Am again, ready to go.
Track Name: Dream World Part One and Two
These bright lights
Combined with my endless nights
Are bringing my fate right into my sights
Track Name: False God
Crush up those pieces
I am not as I appear

This is false
Throw it away
Track Name: The Podium
Everybody's looking at me now
I'm today's new spectacle
Cameras await to lift these washed up wings

You can't see behind the mask
But if you could
You would be bewildered
Eat it up
Snort it up
Snap it up
And give me my salary

My youth exterior is faded away
My pipes gave me a slow decay
My skin is peeling, face is melting off
It's all gone away
Throw it away
Just replace
Throw it away
Track Name: Colma Lookout
Should I just give up all earthly desires?
Bereft of life

My time never comes around
I will never be underground
I am immortal
I am a warrior
I can not die

But what if I'm wrong?
But what if they say is true
I'm just a used up fallen star


"No one actually knows who I am
Why would I give a damn
I'm never coming down
Sales are just numbers
Years are just numbers
But I am forever
Hand me my substance
Not that I need it
Hand me my substance
I only pretend to need it"
Track Name: The Destroyer
I am the destroyer
The destroyer of worlds
I sit atop my throne of lies
And I just watch it burn
I am the demizer
The demizer of society
I sit atop my throne of grudges
And I watch myself burn

Just try and stop me

Mr Falseface has
Overstayed his welcome and
It is time for you to go
Say goodbye and spare the woe
Track Name: Motel
I'm just a pawn

I need a disguise, to disguise me from my world of lies
Track Name: The Fall
My love for
Mortal things is over
Because I can not die
I'm a star high in the sky

Every dog has it's days
Today's not my day, it's the fall

I seemed so tall
Shoot it in the vein, it's a close call

Every dog has it's days
Today's not my day, it's the fall