Dead Mans Handle

by Washed Up Wings

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A message from Chris Edward Diaz: This is the final release for Washed Up Wings.
I write this with a heavy heart, because Washed Up Wings has been such a wonderful experience for me, Jonathan and Brian have become my closest friends as well as (of course) amazing band-mates, the talent they hold is beyond words and I've had the immense pleasure and luck of being able to play with them.
But I can no longer continue Washed Up Wings past this release, I'm sorry. To my magnificent band-mates, to our loyal fans, to everyone I'm sorry.
To our loyal and amazing fans I personally thank you for being a part of this, without you we would not have been able to do what we've done. We are all so grateful for you and I can't thank you all enough, and again I'm sorry.
I can promise you that this upcoming and final release will blow you away.
Without further ado, I would like to introduce to you all our newest album: "Dead Mans Handle".
Goodbye, I hate to say it.


released February 26, 2017

Chris Edward Diaz - Guitars, Synth, Programming, Vocals, Mixing/Mastering
Brian "Icecream" Cisneros - Bass Guitar
Jonathan Cruz - Percussion



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Washed Up Wings Los Angeles, California

Washed up Wings is a band started in North Hollywood, California. The current members consist of Chris Diaz on lead guitar/vocals/keyboard, Jonathan Cruz on percussion, and Brian "Icecream" Cisneros on the bass guitar.
Experimenting and dabbling into a multitude of musical genres, mainly progressive rock and Industrial.
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Track Name: The Biggest Push
You see the holy light
You never believed but you feel it's might
Sky's taken your charity into account

You fought so hard and fought so well
Blow after blow you could tell,
If you weren't fit for clouds I'll let out my yell

You fought so hard and fought so well
Blow after blow you could tell,
It burns me up inside to see you die before my eyes

And now I stand, I wish you well
I hope for all the best I tell it to public as I hear your bells

(I, Am, Still, Alive, In, Heart, And, Mind)

I've seen the picture
Your hair above
What you've done for me was a gift of love

Lying in your throne and you've whined and groaned
The cries of the chemicals set in
It burns me up inside, it burns me up inside

The biggest push
The last moments
The radiating comfort
Your final days
Track Name: Prince Nick
He is the one with the softest furs
The everlasting presence of his luck for years to come
Formerly in the floods he had dwelled and wandered
Only to find the riches and become a king at last

He who patters past the rain
Will live a prosperous life
Of body, mind, and soul
Track Name: Helicopters
Helicopters, helicopters they're pretty cool
I'd like a helicopter to take me to school
Helicopters, helicopters they're pretty rad
I heard a helicopter was my dad (I said)

Helicopters, Helicopters they are our friends
Helicopters for life, ascend, ascend
They can all fly but can they sing?
Well I'm a helicopter, is that even a thing?
Track Name: Their Own Way
I've ruined more spendors than you can even dream
The flow of syrup subsides
As I reach to the river of beautiful warmth
I notice it has gone dry


The One
Track Name: Stone Skipper
The fruits of labor are plucked unripe
A dirge of hard work that remains unpaid
A hobby is chore, what was fun is now a bore
God has calmed the waters but these stones won't stay afloat

This is not at all what I thought it would be.
Track Name: The Imagination Limited (Secret Song)
You think too much
It's none of my business but the blue-men of the mind are coming
What you say is not what I say

I am losing it slowly
I love that you listened
I always listened like you
I love your attention but..