by Washed Up Wings

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Experience Washed Up Wings' album, "Enigma"; With all new sounds, styles and stories told, this is the best yet.
Heavy crunching rhythms, swift solos, fresh, darker sounds. This album shows that Washed Up Wings has so much to offer.

The album is split into two sections, Tracks 1-11 (Which is "Recluse" to "Der Himmel Aufwacht") is the 'main' part of the album
Tracks 12 & 13 are to be considered "bonus tracks", or separate from the album tracklisting. Thank you.

Featuring Aluxia, and Repulsion-1997


released January 1, 2016

Chris DIaz - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard/Samples, Mixing
Evan Vakulich - Rhythm Guitar
Evan Cartotto - Percussion

Cody Howell

Special thanks to
Lex (Aluxia)
Joshua Philpot (Repulsion)




Washed Up Wings Los Angeles, California

Washed up Wings is a band started in North Hollywood, California. The current members consist of Chris Diaz on lead guitar/vocals/keyboard, Jonathan Cruz on percussion, and Brian "Icecream" Cisneros on the bass guitar.
Experimenting and dabbling into a multitude of musical genres, mainly progressive rock and Industrial.
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Track Name: Pearl
Look out, the window
Pearl awaits
Take my hand and give your soul for you, a mere mortal to feel like God

Peal awaits for the heavens to break, all the riches in the world for your soul to take
Do it now, before it's too late, eternity is a while to wait

Rich in spirit
The heavens provide
Would you give it all up for a short lived ride
After it's over you're gone and you have all the time in the world to think what you've done

Peal awaits for the heavens to break, all the riches in the world for your soul to take
Do it now, before it's too late, eternity is a while to wait
Track Name: Dirt Throne
Depraved and shameless

You are so high and mighty
You rule with an iron fist
What do you have to show for it
You have, this

Everybody clap your hands for the empire of teeth
Chomp away at neverending promises of he who is allknowing and knows you all and will strike you down shortly

You made a big mistake. Was it for the people, or for the cavities
It's all over now, but it's really just begun
Follow me
Track Name: Enigma
It's so unclear
Just what I want
Don't you question my enigma
I'm cryptic and ready to blow

Where's the discipline
Where's the mercy
Where's the order
Where's my enigma leading now

Where's the fight
Where's that might
Where's the soldier
Where's my enigma leading now

I am a puzzle you can not complete
I am a foe that can't be beat
I am above you
I am above you
Don't try and fight my enigma
Track Name: Ditch and Lake (Feat. Aluxia)
I've been
Two more are gone
And it's getting out of hand

Then suddenly I feel the headlights roar
No one must see my project

Someone is standing up on the top of the mountain
I will take this next affair to the lake

The time is right for us to die
Many never get to say goodbye
When death is justified
The lake is barely just outside my eyes

They are still squinting for clue
I must go before time is due
They're still looking around
Little do they it's in the ground
Track Name: Child
The child sits in the eye of a man
Crying soft tears as he drifts away

We ride into the night
The child inside uses all their might
Fight on, ride on as it rips apart
The child inside used to have a heart

Smaller, and smaller
The child grows but shrinks away
Faster, and faster
You realize it's too late
Track Name: Treehouse
Gehen wir bauen ein Baumhaus
Ein Haus in dem wir leben, für immer
Wo ist der Mann dass hasst es
Hasst was wir zu bauen
Er sagt
"Ich bleiben, Ich bleiben"

Eifersüchtig unter dem Baumhaus
Track Name: Lostface
I am lost in the ocean
Nobody can teach me how to swim in a desert
Swim in a desert

My enigma comes apart
Lostface shows his cold black heart

I killed all of it
I live underground
Track Name: Time
I feel, this life is not for me
Time passes like sand in an hourglass

My enigma

And they say, let go
But it's so very hard for them
Reach me at the end
Meet me at our end

This world is finished for
Time is up like sand in an hour glass
My enigma is crumbling down